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Smithsonian Coins Website

I designed this Legendary Coins and Currency site for Mediatrope in the Fall of 2005. It was very cool to work with the people at the Smithsonian - any time I wasn't certain of how something would work, and did the design equivalent of hand waving, they'd ask about exactly that. Smart clients are almost as good as smart co-workers.

There was a lot going on on this (mostly Flash) design - home page, collections page, coin page, coin INSPECTION page, and a game educational activity. Plus the HTML and printable pages. The timeframe was insane, and was the second time I'd worked 24 hours straight for someone. I also designed the stylized logo/site name.

I did get disc after disc (remember getting stuff on discs?) of high-res coin art which was pretty cool. Beautiful stuff, and interesting stories. That shell on "Legends of the Human Spirit" was scrip issued by a motel owner in 1933 whose name was Charles Williamson. Possibly a long-lost great uncle? I like to think so.

coin page

This is the overview page. If I were to redo this site, I would change the  layout of this page to differentiate it from the coin pages.

And... you can look at the coins (or shell) up close.

See? Charles V. Williamson.

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