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Bike Tire Pressure App

The app is on Google Play

My compatriots at Edison Gauss and I updated the flow and visuals for our Tire Pressure App.

It tells you the optimum pressure for road  bike tires, based on your weight, tire width, and bicycle geometry.

This overlay shows the list of bikes. The free version lets you make two bikes, the paid version as many as you want (we know you have seven). In the future, this screen may show pressures, as a quick reference.

If you Add a New Bike, it will clone your selected one. Most people have slight variations of the same bike, just like they do jackets, so it's a convenience.

This is the Quickbeam, showing pressure, with me weighing 245.

In the app, you input the width, choose the style of bike (different bike geometries have different fore/aft weight distributions), and tell the app how wide your tires are. It does the math for you, with an equation that fits against measured tire drop.

If you're pumping 25mm tires up to the sidewall recommended pressure of 120/120, you're over inflating the front, and under inflating the rear.

You're unlikely to over-inflate 60mm tires!

Published by: Philip Williamson in App Design

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