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Core Brands B2B Portal

$100M company becomes an e-commerce company.


Until my team launched the B2B Portal last year, Core Brands customers and reps would email, phone, or fax their orders in. Now, well over half the targeted customer segment orders through the Portal.

Designed and mocked up the initial high fidelity design.

  • Walk-throughs were used to refine the microinteractions.
  • Mockups illustrated each feature in the spec document.

I designed new features, which were developed in sprints by the remote team.
- Customer Account - See terms, brands, accrued rebates, etc.
- Compare - you can directly compare up to three products.
- Quick Pad - you can paste an order right into the Cart.
- Customer Types - Each sales channel sees a customized homepage.
- Employee Purchase Program - 9,500 Nortek employees can now shop on the Portal.

"Compare" feature shows all features and specs for chosen products:

"Compare" micro-interaction when adding more than 3 products:

Responsive design; different layouts at different breakpoints:

Published by: Philip Williamson in UX/UI

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