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BlueBOLT remote power management


Panamax and Furman power conditioners can be controlled remotely, and programmed to reboot routers, report power conditions, and power-cycle racks of connected equipment. "Contractor" units can control a chain of multiple sequencers.


Any new UI had to fit into the existing visual framework, but I did introduce multi-line outlet names, cute powered outlet faces, and meters to replace the dials used for older products. The meters echo the ID of the hardware, and are easier to draw.

New devices have new features and configurations, needing new UI and UX solutions. One switch controls three outlets, one of which is on the front of the unit. We devised a new way of grouping outlets visually, and labeled the location.


UI realignment and battery drain icon for F1500-PRO. 


Consistent Device info across all screens (Name, Device, MAC, IP, etc)
Device Admin settings (sequence delays, etc).


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