August 13, 2016 - Comments Off on Invoice Redesign

Invoice Redesign

Existing invoices were a mishmash of legacy forms.

invoice-xxxCore Brands' forms and invoices had come from different systems, and were legacies of the original several companies. The invoices were hard to read, and were missing key pieces of information, which led to costs - customer calls, hand-filing bad forms.

The new forms can be read by humans. Branding is now consistent, and the layout is consistent. All forms have the important elements in the top right corner. Each field in the template pulls data automatically from the order field in Netsuite.

A new design for all transaction forms.

This project covered all outgoing forms: Invoices, Pro Forma Invoices for international customers, Sales Order Acknowledgements, Shipping Confirmations, Credit Memos, Cash Sales, Return Authorizations.

Published by: Philip Williamson in UX/UI

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