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April 22, 2013 - Comments Off on Soda jerks

Soda jerks

Soda jerks by BikeTinker
Soda jerks, a photo by BikeTinker on Flickr.

It's a little daunting that my Flickr life is so bike centric, that a great shot gets ignored, since it isn't of a bicycle. I just need to join photo groups, I guess,
And this is a great shot. Sony NEX, with a supercheap CCTV lens, at the Ice Cream Bar in SF.
Ironically, they are asking for support for their plan to put a mini-park out front, to replace a parking spot. Visit on a Saturday afternoon. If you aren't ready to kick an old lady in the crotch to get a spot within five blocks... Seriously, just walk there. From Cathedral Hill, maybe.

April 4, 2012 - Comments Off on 35mm film in a 120 camera (sprocket holes)

35mm film in a 120 camera (sprocket holes)

I used to make "sprocket hole" photos, by running 35mm film through a 120 camera. I invented it, but you see it everywhere now. If you can prove you made one of these images before 1992, I'll give you a framed picture of Angelina in Edinburgh. Anyway, this is the method I used, and may use again. The impetus was the usual, "poverty begets invention" story: my 35mm camera broke right after I bought 100 feet of 35mm film. I had no money, a lot of film, and a 120 Ciroflex camera I'd bought at the Sausalito Flea Market for $12. "I bet I can use this stuff to make some photographs... otherwise, I fail the class."

sprocketparts by BikeTinkersprocketparts, a photo by BikeTinker on Flickr.

Cut down the 120 film spool right at each ‘window.’ Slice the 35mm spool at the ‘step.’ Everything fits perfectly, to let you put two 35mm spools into a 120 camera. One empty, one full.

sprocketrolls by BikeTinkerThe whole operation can be done with a pocket knife. It’s like the Civil War all over again, but with fewer maggots, and more sprocket-hole pictures.


sprocketrolls, a photo by BikeTinker on Flickr.

January 1, 2012 - Comments Off on Sprocket Hole Photography

Sprocket Hole Photography

I invented this. It sounds rude, and no one will believe it, but I did. Modern sprocket hole photos are usually shot with a Holga, but I use a Ciroflex and a Mamiya. I have instructions for making the adapters in my Flickr stream.

Amy before she was a Taganashi; Porter College, 1991-ishholden chemers, Santa Cruz 1993

angelina in edinburgh; 1995St. Andrews castle 1995

Union and Fillmore, SF CA, 1995

Angelina reading, Petalum CA, 1998




December 17, 2011 - Comments Off on bad photo retouched

bad photo retouched

My friend is selling his 1958 Rene Herse randonneur bicycle (Google it), and the only picture he had was taken inside his garage with his cell phone. Not a lot to work with, but I did figure out a super-fast way to eliminate garage-door handles.

before and after retouching

He did go ahead and take better pictures, if you're interested in the bike. The bike is sold - a reader of my blog bought it.