Web Design

Ninety nine sites for independent toy stores. 

Many e-commerce designs (custom Joomla! templates) for the toy industry, some wine-industry sites, and one very deep one for the Smithsonian Institution.  

Mobile toy store template.

Now I would do this responsively, as we did with the B2B Portal, but this was in 2012. Smaller phones, less expectation that a mobile site would be fully featured.

This was designed to hook into the existing Joomla content items on every toy store site, so once it was rolled out, it would work "magically" for all of our 200 clients, without any customization. Everyone had a logo uploaded already, hours, and phone information. 



Mobile template design process. 

I drew the UI bits on sticky notes, we discussed the needs and potential problems, and moved the sticky notes around on a board.  

Lucas (front end dev) used the "less" CSS preprocessor, allowing him to control the colors and button shapes with a couple of numbers. This lets us offer optional customizing for toy store members that want the mobile site to complement their main site better. 

Toy Store Websites

A few of the almost 100 toy store sites I designed. Specialty Toys Network is a division of Gearbox Studios, and provides an SAAS platform to independent toy stores. I did client discovery to create an individualized site to match the store's look and feel, and the customer's taste. 


Carlton Hill Vineyards

This was a dramatic improvement to the old site that Carlton Hill brought to us, both visually and maintenance-wise. This is built on Joomla, so menus and elements are globally controlled. The vineyard has a wonderful view, an old barn for tasting parties, and a regulation croquet court. 


Smithsonian NMAH Legendary Coins & Currency Exhibition

I designed the intro page, each section, the coin pages, and the viewer. Also the HTML-version layout, a coin timeline, and assets for the "Legends Game." 


Home/Splash Screen - An intro to the exhibition, and a directory of choices: launch the exhibition, search the collection, or launch the activity. 

Individual Coin Page - You can jump to the other sections of the exhibition, or navigate through the coins in this section. The story of the coin is pretty interesting, there are specs for size and material, and a mini-timelin I designed. Clicking the coin brings up the viewer, letting you examine both the front and back. 

Coin Viewer - The viewer itself was created in Flash. I made the UI, the icons, and designed the timeline helper. Today, no one would put the text in a box, but 2005 was a long time ago. 

10 years later, you can still see the site: http://amhistory.si.edu/coins/index.shtml