Logos and Branding

Logo design and Branding.

Branding for companies I've worked at, and freelance design for small businesses. Logos, printed and promo pieces, and window graphics.


I created a superhero logo that picked up on the classic Furman pull-out lights, and the #FURMANHERO hashtag we used for tradeshows. There was also a ladies' tee in a heart design.

The Furman Artist Relations Manager wanted to get across that our customers, touring roadies and techs at large venues, were heroes "saving the day" for their shows with Furman power protection.

BikeTinkers Union

Membership patches for a loose affiliation of amateur bicycle enthusiasts who build and modify their own bicycles.

There will be other graphics for future "Local Chapters," but this first one has a 1930s feel and honors Sheldon Brown, a seminal internet bike mechanic. 

Each element is a middling-developed pencil drawing, assembled in Photoshop. The circular type was set in Illustrator, printed, then filled in on the back of the print-out to soften the mechanical type, and re-scanned and flipped. 

Vectorized Pen Drawings

Logo, vinyl door designs, and tee shirt designs for a backcountry touring operation and a bike-camping jamboree.

LifeLike Logo Hand

I sketched this robotic hand, modeled it in 3D, with rendered splines as the "pulleys." It was fully articulated for animation, and different variations appeared on LifeLike promo goods. 

The logo's first iteration included a diamond border, and was used on business cards and tee shirts. 

Because the hand was a 3D model, I could pose it for different one-off promo goods, like these glasses.