Design for Print

InDesign work for catalogs, brochures, and a novel in hardback and softback.

Good file organization and linked documents are key to managing an InDesign production workflow. 

Book Design

Book layout in InDesign, and editing (added 6000 commas, got two scenes re-written). 

I was pretty conservative with the layout, measuring the gutters and type sizes of a few 1940s books to get the proportions. Simple drop caps, a legible font, and lots of fixing widows and orphans to keep paragraphs together nicely on a page. 

It's on Amazon, in hardback, paperback, and Kindle.


Parks & Rec seasonal catalog

I created a set of Word templates with defined styles, so each department could submit content that mapped to the InDesign styles. I did several of these catalogs, updating the schedules and images every season. 

I designed this map in Illustrator, created new icons where needed, and pulled it all together in InDesign.

brochure map v2-smallbrochure map v2-small

Brochures for Alliance Batteries and Freightliner Engines

Updating all these fields in Illustrator without an external Excel file was a pain. 
The scratch-off LED taillights postcard was not the one chosen by the client.