PlayStation Demo Discs

I designed and art directed hundreds of PlayStation demo disc interfaces. 

The major client was Sony (SCEA) for all magazine demo discs, Pack-Ins, and Kiosks for Toys R Us, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart. Other clients included Eidos, UbiSoft, Namco, Bandai, Nickelodeon, Universal, Tom Clancy (Xbox), and 10 million Pizza Hut discs

In-Store Kiosks

As you fly over the cityscape of boxes, they rise up toward the camera, with a new demo on the top. The logo is surrounded by a spinning compass rose. 

We had to modify this a bit, to minimize vertigo in people who weren't actually driving the interface with the controller. 


"Slats" interface

The slats would shuffle on transition. The production artist gave each thumbnail a number to tell the system what slice to put on the thin strip.

Interface Details

Namco demo disc
OPM, Underground, and Kiosks
GT2 standalone

Prototype: PlayStation 2 Comic

LifeLike usually had a game prototype going on in addition to the demo disc production, and one of the novel spins on that was a pitch to run a 3D interactive comic experience on the PlayStation 2. 

For expedience, we used a character I had created at home, called "Maya," and collaborated on the world setting. I wrote the story, and the branching experiences, and storyboarded the first "issue." My drawings were the basis for 3D scenes created by two other artists, and the translation was pretty straightforward. We added environmental lighting, and small animations to keep the panels "live," the same way you would on an animation hold, or a game character in a static scene. 

Game Concept Art

At LifeLike, we worked on several game concepts and prototypes, and other game-like projects. Some were for the PlayStation magazines, to show how game production happened, and partly because we had started as a programming studio and had PlayStation dev gear. 

We developed a construction/destruction game that I made concept art and 3D models for; a "PlayStation Comic" that I scripted and storyboarded, which was then modeled and rendered by 3D artists; a realtime 3D animation scene and player that let subscribers to the PlayStation Underground add sound effects to, which I storyboarded entirely and animated some scenes for; and a game demo connecting PlayStations to exercise machines to allow you to fly around a virtual world while actually exercising. 

Bandai ".hack" Promo Disc - This is from 2002, all flat sprites from game art. The characters just changed pose when they were selected. 
The blue images in the center changed with programmatic dissolves. Not all demos had the hooks to "return" to the interface; hence the warning.