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MFG DB Status List

The company I work for provides a SAAS e-commerce web system to the toy industry.

This is my initial mock-up of the "thick" view of a tool to show our members and manufacturing partners the status of every toy brand in our Import Database*. There will be a "thin" view, with one row per manufacturer, and an "Open" view as well, that shows all manufacturer-provided info.

The "Request" button helps us prioritize the processing, there are hooks for direct marketing from manufacturers to retailers, and a link to the relationship-building product we have in development.

Upload date, most recent year of release, request button


*We pre-process toy data so our members can Import the products into their sites with a click. We are building a tool to clearly show which lines are up-to-date, and allow our subscribers to "Request" an update to a line. With the number of manufacturers, and the volume of data we get, we prioritize on what our members need. The lines with the most requests go into the processing queue first.

Published by: Philip Williamson in UX/UI

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