Information Architecture

Categories need to make sense, and be easy to use. 

I like to keep the hierarchy pretty flat, put similar things together, and make the structure as apparent as possible. 

Shipping Module Cleanup

I saw in the site logs that "Shipping" was the number-one search term in our Help System. Looking at the shipping options, in order to make a new Help video, I saw why. The choices were baffling! I spent some time rewriting the names and the descriptions, marked some modules for deletion. This explanatory graphic shows management and programmers what should change, so non-technical people could set their own site's shipping. 

BEFORE: Too many choices, names don't describe the function, and descriptions repeat the names. 


AFTER: New Module List with fewer choices and more clarity. 

  • Module names are clarified where possible.
  • Extra ship methods are removed. 
  • Descriptions focus on the issue each module solves. 
  • Distracting "Author" columns are deleted. 
  • Modules are ordered from most common to least. 
  • The most used modules are activated by default.
  • Active Checkboxes are clear.  

Shipping Setup Consolidated

In addition to the Shipping Modules being hard to understand and set up, the actual mechanism to CHOOSE them was well hidden, and the menu item labeled "Shipping" was NOT how you set up shipping. 

Shipping configuration was under "Store > Shipping Module," but activated in the "Admin > Configuration" panel.

Country and Zone setup were under “Admin.” A new International Shipping system left the legacy "Add Countries and Zones" as dangerous clutter. Countries are more easily added from the list itself.

Let's just put all the shipping options in the Shipping Menu.