Fine Art and Editorial Illustration

Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture, and Photographs

I am a sculptor at heart; I like to make "things," and "pictures of things." I like to make patches and stickers, because they are visual art made into physical fact. Photos on Instagram

Bike Art

Sketches and illustrations for Bicycle Times, Dirt Rag, and my BikeTinker blog. 

From online pictures, Carradice bags all appear the same size. This graphic has helped a number of people figure out which one is right for them.

Street Photos

"Ice Cream Bar"
25mm CCTV lens

"Alien Parade"
58mm Zeiss Biotar

Sprocket Holes

I shoot 35mm film through 120-sized cameras, which lets you see the sprocket holes and film marks. 

ID Card Paintings

I did a conceptual series of painting ID cards - drivers licenses, student IDs, etc. They're sculptural portraiture, being things, and they have an undertow of officialdom. Watercolor on paper, oil on panel, oil on linen, watercolor on gessoed blocks.  

Eric ID

For my uncle who died, I wanted to give the portrait a feel of a medieval saint painting.

The preliminary pencil is a little more compelling. 

ID cards from 4" to 6'

I only made one big one. Most are small, and small is more difficult, but quicker. 

My painting teacher gave me a giant rectangle of 60 year old linen that had been donated to the art program. I said, "Should I cut this up into little paintings?" and he said, "Sure. But it would kind of be a shame." I made stretchers with rounded corners, which he'd never seen, and painted a giant ID card. 

Here it is, strapped to the top of a friend's car, to take to a show.