I love working with committed people to make useful things. 

UX means usability, and there is no usability without usefulness. Find out what your customers most want to do, then make that as easy as possible. I create and improve customer experiences, translating between business, engineering, and design goals, always focused on what the customer is trying to do.

Past Work

  • Web Information Architecture for a $190B business leading to 4x usability improvments.
  • UX for software/hardware products in the Smart Connected Home space. 
  • Helped transform a $100M old-school business into an e-commerce company. 
  • Worked with 99 different toy stores, understanding their brand and extending it to e-commerce. 
  • Art directed most of the U.S. PlayStation demo disc interfaces.

Passion for Design, Empathy for the Customer

I've always had an interest in human behavior, and I took more college Anthropology classes than Art classes. When I went from a job designing game monsters, to one designing interfaces for the Sony PlayStation, my boss loaned me her copies of the Mac Interface Guidelines, and Donald Norman's "Design of Everyday Things." Discovering a discipline that bridged human behavior and design was like finding my true calling.

As a UX team of one, I've worked more closely with engineers and product management than within a design team. My user research approach depends on whether it's an internal project, where I can talk directly to the users, or customer-facing, where I rely more on the research of Product Managers and Sales staff. I like to follow up with validation surveys to see trends, and to elicit honest comments. When possible, I observe people work, and have them describe what they're doing as I take notes. I usually move straight from whiteboarded screens or layouts to Invision prototypes or high resolution mockups, so the team can feel how a product will work. /p>

“Sometimes people end up in professions that are just a job. Working with Philip has always proved that his career is a perfect fit. He brings intense passion to the customer experience from all angles, not just UI. This always leads to a clear vision for appealing aesthetics and simplicity in language and process that makes the customer journey a pleasant one. He’s not just a talented professional; a bonus with Philip is his superb sense of humor and ability to fit into a team.”
Eric Wieland,  Core Brands colleague,  Aug 05, 2016
“I worked closely with Philip at LifeLike for a number of years. He is both a talented artist and practically minded enough to adapt to technical needs in a production environment, something I have found to be a rare combination. Philip is easy to work with and can be relied upon to deliver a quality product on a tight schedule.”
Avery Lodato, Lead Programmer, LifeLike Productions