Android Cheeseburger Menu Icon

It’s like the hamburger menu icon, but tastier.

android hamburger menu icon... with cheese

“That’s not kosher!”

Funny design pattern

I was looking at Curtis Odom’s superfancy bicycle hubs, because why would you not, and saw his espresso tamper. It’s beautiful, but too wide for my Europiccola’s basket. Plus I already have a couture tamper.

There’s a $0.00 option for this espresso tamper called “None.” That just cracks me up.


Beautiful metal espresso tamper. Checkout option for "none" product.


Rivendell Jamboree Poster

First draft of a poster I’m making for my bike club. After staring at it for a month, I think the bike needs to be 4x as large. “China Camp” could be smaller across the top too…
rivendell owners bike jamboree - china camp

Bike Tire Pressure App

The app is on Google Play

My compatriots at Edison Gauss and I updated the flow and visuals for our Tire Pressure App.

It tells you the optimum pressure for road  bike tires, based on your weight, tire width, and bicycle geometry.

This overlay shows the list of bikes. The free version lets you make two bikes, the paid version as many as you want (we know you have seven). In the future, this screen may show pressures, as a quick reference.

If you Add a New Bike, it will clone your selected one. Most people have slight variations of the same bike, just like they do jackets, so it’s a convenience.

This is the Quickbeam, showing pressure, with me weighing 245.

In the app, you input the width, choose the style of bike (different bike geometries have different fore/aft weight distributions), and tell the app how wide your tires are. It does the math for you, with an equation that fits against measured tire drop.

If you’re pumping 25mm tires up to the sidewall recommended pressure of 120/120, you’re over inflating the front, and under inflating the rear.

You’re unlikely to over-inflate 60mm tires!

Nurse ID

Our friend loaned us her car so Angelina and Tara could visit their mom in the hospital. Coincidentally, the friend is a nurse in the same kind of ward Lorena was in after her surgery. I painted this for her when we returned the car.



Tara ID Card Painting

My sister-in-law quit her job after 4 years. I painted this for her to remember it by.


Affective Interfaces digital face

Affective Interfaces


This is a few years old, but I think Jai still uses it on his business cards. I remember figuring out how to vectorize and scale the image at 4am, for his Tech Crunch presentation at 10. I thought it would be no problem, but the font I used to create it changes dramatically above a tiny size. Not only did that look non-digital, it also threw off the spacing on the lines!

I think I flattened everything, scaled it giant in Photoshop using “nearest neighbor,” then did an auto-trace in Illustrator to vectorize it with sharp edges, then brought it back into Photoshop as a Smart Object.

Sift window

Sift by BikeTinker
Sift, a photo by BikeTinker on Flickr.

Sweeping up.

Doyle Library Art Collection

The Santa Rosa Junior College unveiled its permanent collection of art entirely by staff members. Not just art instructors, either. This is my visual diary of the pieces I liked best. I’m going to take a class there, since many of these artists are still teaching at the SRJC.

Doyle Collection from Philip Williamson on Vimeo.

Reception for the permanent collection at the SRJC library. Artists include Alan Azhderian, Kevin Fletcher, John Sappington, Silvia Seventy, Lisa Beerntson, Tony Speirs, Elizabeth Quandt, Will Collier, Donna Larsen, and Monty Monty.

Soda jerks

Soda jerks by BikeTinker
Soda jerks, a photo by BikeTinker on Flickr.

It’s a little daunting that my Flickr life is so bike centric, that a great shot gets ignored, since it isn’t of a bicycle. I just need to join photo groups, I guess,
And this is a great shot. Sony NEX, with a supercheap CCTV lens, at the Ice Cream Bar in SF.
Ironically, they are asking for support for their plan to put a mini-park out front, to replace a parking spot. Visit on a Saturday afternoon. If you aren’t ready to kick an old lady in the crotch to get a spot within five blocks… Seriously, just walk there. From Cathedral Hill, maybe.

ID Card Painting

Elizabeth. At the time, she was Liz, and I was Phil. Times change, people grow. Or just learn to stand up for who they already are.


Forcing a login to unsubscribe is Fail

I subscribe to a LOT of newsletters. I pretty much sign up for whatever comes around, because I want to see how people are presenting themselves through email. Sometimes I get tired of a certain channel, or I just wholesale cut back on newsletters.

Recently I’ve noticed a couple of services make me log in to unsubscribe from emails. This is for them.

Maybe you think it will keep me from unsubscribing, maybe it’s just the way your “community-management” package works. As the visitor / email recipient / unsubscriber, I don’t remotely care why I’m being horribly inconvenienced:

  • After clicking the “unsubscribe” button, I’m taken to a login page.
  • The password to the site I never visit doesn’t work. Twice.
  • I click the “password help” button, and get a reset link in my email.
  • I click it, create a new password, type it in again, and (hopefully) am logged in.
  • Sometimes I have to actually log in after creating the password.
  • There’s no “unsubscribe” button to be seen.
  • I go back to my email and click the “unsubscribe” button on the original email newsletter.
  • I’m Unsubscribed! Yay! Sixty-five button presses later.
  • I send a snarky support email to the site in question. And write a snarky blog post.

See what happened there? Now I HATE you.

You should make unsubscribing easy and painless, especially if you are a charity that relies on the goodwill of strangers. Don’t make me think you’re a graceless, desperate, selfish clod who is bad at the internet.


Radagast, you’re cut.

Voldemort guy, you’re cut. Frodo and old Bilbo, great work on the other movies, you’re cut.  Galadriel, you’re cut. Call me later. Saruman, you’re cut. Radagast is still out.

Notes! Goblin king, you need to be way scarier. Think “goblin,” not “gungan.” You’re in, but make it worth my time.  Trolls! Good characterization, but we need a ton more suspense. Let’s try it like the book.

Richard Armitage. What are you even doing in this movie? You need to be way older and way gnarlier. You’re Thorin son of Thrain, son of Thror, not Boromir. You gotta be meaner to Bilbo, too.

Bilbo. Complain more. Earn Thorin’s disdain. Don’t be a whiner, but a homely tale or two of your fire and down comforter would go a long way toward showing homesickness and earning the disdain of Dwarf kings. We’ll work out a scene before the mountain pass. Maybe give you new lines for the cave?

Gollum! Great work. More of that.

Thanks everybody! Oh, did I mention we’re doing this in one movie? You’ll all be home in time for Christmas.

BikeTinker Google Doc updated

I finally figured out (i.e., Googled) how to add images and links into the Tire Pressure Google Doc I maintain… “Insert>Image” and the formula “=hyperlink(“URL”;”text to display”), respectively.

The only reason I still maintain this document after we (Edison-Gauss and I) released the Tire Pressure app for Android is because of Google’s “protected cells” feature.

Adding the image and links got me on a little cleanup crusade, and I added Triathlon bike tire pressure calculations. Triathlon season is nowhere near, but I had a little time on a mellow Thanksgiving.

Photoshop mockups

Mockups of electronic products in racks for a trifold. The source images were all lit differently, and the rack itself was gray.

Brooks Saddle Sculpture SOLD

I sold it to a woman who gave it to her husband as a “Trophy” for successfully finishing the Seattle-To-Portland (STP) bike ride. And… with the last skate deck platforms sold, it looks like my Etsy store is empty!

Bike Silhouettes

Bike icons for the Tire Pressure App I’m finishing up with Edison-Gauss. Raleigh Superbe utility bike, Rene Herse randonneur, Speedvagen race bike, Pereira longtail custom. One of the E.g. programmers owns the Pereira longtail. I think the Randonneur could have wider tires, but I’m happy the cargo bike’s tires look like Schwalbe Big Apples. As they should.

A good UI designer is lazy and stupid

A headhunter asked me “why do you think you’re a good UI designer?”

Instead of saying, “because I’ve spent a dozen years constantly figuring out how to make complicated software accessible to normal people,” I said what I really thought: “I’m a good UI designer because I’m lazy and stupid, and will rage-quit anything that isn’t easier than cracking open a beer.”

Hmm. Discretion might well be the better part of valor.

Bike Tire Pressue Android App

My friends and I are made an Android app for tire pressure. It gives you the best tire pressure for your bike, based on your weight and tire width (hint, fatter tires and skinnier you are both better options). I didn’t do any coding, or UI design – I just insisted on it happening, and made the icon and bike silhouettes.

Black Twig Media

Logo. I took a few liberties with the way a redwing blackbird wing actually looks, since I wanted the overall feel to be more like the bird itself. I tweaked the capitals a bit, especially the “T.”